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flatbed towing

When your vehicle faces a breakdown or accident, the last thing you want is to compound the situation with improper towing methods. Flatbed towing emerges as a reliable solution for safely transporting vehicles, ensuring your peace of mind and your vehicle’s protection.

In this guide, we delve into flatbed/platform towing essentials, shedding light on its benefits, process, and why it’s the preferred choice in various scenarios.

Understanding Flatbed Towing

As the name suggests, flatbed/platform towing involves a specialized truck equipped with a flatbed/platform-like trailer. Unlike traditional towing methods, where vehicles are towed with two wheels on the ground, platform towing allows the entire vehicle to rest atop the flatbed. This method offers several advantages, particularly in terms of safety and convenience. Rollback towing is particularly suitable for transporting vehicles with low ground clearance, severely damaged ones, or specialized features like all-wheel or four-wheel drive. 

Benefits of Platform Towing

This towing offers many advantages for safely transporting vehicles, particularly those with unique needs or those involved in accidents. Securely placing the car on a flat platform rather than traditional tow methods reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle’s undercarriage or components, ensuring a smoother and more protected transport.

Platform towing offers versatility by accommodating various vehicles, ranging from luxury cars to motorcycles, making it the favored option for individuals and businesses seeking dependable transportation solutions.

  • Vehicle Protection: With deck towing, your vehicle remains securely strapped onto the flat surface, eliminating risks of damage from road debris, uneven terrain, or improper towing techniques.
  • Versatility: Deck towing can transport vehicles of various shapes, sizes, and conditions, including luxury cars, motorcycles, and heavily damaged vehicles.
  • Prevents Further Damage: By keeping your vehicle off the ground, deck towing prevents additional wear and tear to the transmission, suspension, and other components, which may occur during traditional towing.
  • Safety: It minimizes risks of accidents or mishaps during transportation, ensuring the safety of both your vehicle and other road users.
  • Convenience: Trailer towing is hassle-free for vehicle owners and towing professionals. There’s no need for additional equipment like dollies, and loading and unloading are streamlined processes.

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When to Opt for Flatbed Towing

The following are the various scenarios why opting for platform towing is ideal;

  1. Accident Recovery: For vehicles involved in accidents where wheels are damaged or if the car cannot be safely driven.
  2. Long-Distance Towing: Bed towing ensures maximum safety and minimizes wear on the vehicle when transporting vehicles over long distances.
  3. Luxury or Specialty Vehicles: To safeguard high-end or specialty vehicles with low ground clearance from potential damage.
  4. Four-Wheel Drive or AWD Vehicles: Bed towing is suitable for all-wheel-drive vehicles, preventing drivetrain strain or damage.

The Platform Towing Process

Platform haulage is a method commonly used to transport vehicles safely and securely. This process involves loading the car onto a flatbed truck equipped with a hydraulic system, allowing easy loading and unloading without needing the vehicle’s power. Whether for roadside assistance or transportation of damaged cars, platform haulage offers a reliable solution for ensuring vehicle protection during transit. Here’s a step-by-step process of how it is done;

  1. Assessment: Trained professionals assess the vehicle’s condition and determine the appropriate towing method.
  2. Preparation: The flatbed truck is positioned securely and tilted to ground level for loading.
  3. Loading: The vehicle is carefully driven or winched onto the flatbed and securely fastened with straps or chains to prevent movement during transit.
  4. Transportation: The car is transported to its destination, ensuring a smooth and secure journey.
  5. Unloading: Upon arrival, the vehicle is carefully unloaded from the flatbed, providing no further damage occurs.

Are You Looking For Flatbed Towing Services?

Flatbed towing offers a safe, reliable, and convenient solution for transporting vehicles in various situations. Whether it’s a luxury car, a motorcycle, or a four-wheel-drive vehicle, flatbed towing ensures maximum protection and peace of mind for vehicle owners. By understanding its benefits and the proper process, you can make informed decisions during vehicle emergencies, guaranteeing the security and welfare of your vehicle.

Remember, when it comes to towing, prioritizing safety and vehicle protection is paramount, and flat deck towing ticks all the right boxes.

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