How to Prepare Your Car for Towing?

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Are you stuck in a situation where you need your car towed? Breakdowns are more common than you think; you will inevitably need towing services in NYC at some point in your life. So when you need such help, you should know precisely how to prepare for it.

Read this blog to keep in mind these list of things when you hire a towing service for your vehicle. These are simple things you can easily follow, and they’ll make life easier for you and the towing company.

6 Things to Do Before Getting Your Car Towed

Let’s look at some of the things you can do before getting your car towed.

1. Remove All of Your Personal Items

When hiring a towing service for your vehicle, you should ideally make sure that there are no personal belongings in the car. Things will be moving around, and you won’t have much control over things toppling over inside.
The best thing for you to do is remove everything from the car, including your bags, phones, and anything else that might be lying around.

2. Roll Up the Windows

Weather can be unpredictable so you should make sure that you roll your windows up. You don’t want to damage your car’s interior while it’s being towed, so try to ensure your windows aren’t open.
Also, keep a note to get your top back up if you own a convertible. Don’t risk ruining your vehicle; it’ll only take a few seconds to get this done.

3. Take Pictures

Before your car’s towed away, you should take a few pictures to track its condition. This is to help you compare in case there are any damages that you might have to claim for. Professional, quality towing services won’t cause damage to your vehicle, but you should still save pictures for reference.
You should ideally take pictures of the engine and other essential components of your car. In case you need to get your insurance company involved, you will have picture proofs for everything.

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4. Separate Car Keys from Other Keys

People have that one key set, which includes their home and car keys. You don’t want to give the entire set to the towing service. Make sure that you separate the keys and hand over the car keys to them.
You don’t want to be locked out of your home right after a car breakdown. Take the car key out and hand it to the tow truck driver.

5. Turn off the Engine

The battery powers almost everything in your car, so you would want to turn off the engine to avoid any further issues. All the lights and electrical elements of your vehicle should be turned off to limit malfunctions.
Your car has already broken down; be careful to turn that engine off and ensure no power is drawn. It can lead to excessive damage, which will require costly repairs.

6. Keep the Doors Unlocked

Tow truck drivers need access to your car to tow it away. If the vehicle isn’t unlocked, they might need to force the doors open. Stay on the safe side and ensure that the doors are not locked once the towing service arrives. It’ll only prevent unnecessary damage.

Get Your Car Towed by a Professional

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